Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Disturbing Thoughts

It's 2:30 - I had to get up in just over an hour anyway ... I can't sleep. I have been tossing and turning since 2:00. Turning over, I grabbed my Rosary on the side of my bed and prayed. Medjugorje messages, Father Corapi's message (There is still a God in Heaven!), conversations ... all going through my mind.

After 20 minutes of praying the Rosary and various other prayers, I decided I might as well get up, get dressed and be ready for an early day at work. Thoughts of the new government have been invading my mind. I clicked on the web and the first news story I read disturbs me. 'Obama to Use Executive Orders for Immediate Impact.' What are some of these executive orders? Here are some of my predictions:

Abortion - under this new regime, I predict forced abortions and where a child of 9 years old can get an abortion without parental consent, yet this same child, can not get aspirin at school unless she has parent's and doctor's consent. This child can have a major surgical procedure yet can not have an aspirin for a headache. Forced abortions - scary thought - but I see it coming.

Euthenasia - I am predicting anyone with a serious illness, anyone in a nursing home, anyone in a health care facility will be immediately killed. They will be too much of a burden on the rest of society and to ease that burden, murdered.

Stem Cell Research - I am predicting that many of these aborted children will be used for "scientific research." As if abortion is not enough, using those aborted children to create hybrid beings and extra limbs all in the name of 'research.'

Armed Forces - I predict Obama will bring the troops out of Iraq, Afghanastan, and other countries by September 2009. We have a purpose in Iraq and we should not bring them home too soon. We are training their troops so they can continue this new form of government. If we bring them home too soon, they will revert back to their old ways - not because they want to - because they don't know anything else. These people we are training have never had to think for themselves, they have always followed orders, becoming 'yes' men. We are trying to train them to think for themselves, to question, but it is going to take time.

To be quite honest, I am not looking forward to this month's Medjugorje message (November 25th). I am frequently haunted with a vision of Mary looking at the world with tears in her eyes, tears for her children. I am scared for this country (and world), we have made a mess of everything and I pray my predictions do not come to fruition. I pray that we will have the sense to turn our ways and our eyes back to God, soon.

God in His infinite wisdom has a plan. I pray I am part of His plan. Maybe this is why I needed to be consecrated into Mary's Army (Militia Immaculata) - to fight for the Truth. I am not sure. Until the day when I see God face to face, I will continue to pray.

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