Friday, November 14, 2008

You're A Good Person

Here's an article (You're A Good Person) by Lorraine V. Murray about Confession that was posted in The Georgia Bulletin (Official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Atlanta).

Going to confession regularly—and by this I mean about every three or four weeks—helps me better understand who that person in the mirror really is. In fact, she is not such a good person, really. She can be incredibly vain, envious, angry, worried and selfish.

If I only go once or twice a year, I tend to forget many of my sins. If I yelled at someone in May, what are the chances I will remember that in December? Some people apparently believe confession is only for mortal sins. They figure if they are only committing the smaller transgressions, there is no reason to go. Problem is, overlooking a pile of little sins can pave the way to commit the big ones.

Satan does not want us to go to Confession. He wants us to think we are so good that we do not need to go. However, from personal experience, the more I visit the confessional and accuse myself of my sins, the more I realize how much I really need God in my life and how great His mercy is.

It's interesting - people think that just because I am going into the Convent (Trinitarians, hopefully soon) that I am this great holy person. I try and I fail. There are so many times that I cry during my examination of conscience because I know I do not deserve God's mercy. Yet He gives it to me freely.

Yes, there are times when I have to force myself to go through that doorway. But my love for God is greater than my fear and love of self. It has only been through God's grace that I am here today. He gave me His life freely, I am giving mine back to Him.

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