Friday, November 21, 2008

The kings and comedy

What would happen if the king met the king?

No, not just any king ... the 'King of Pop' met the 'King of Rock & Roll'

Watch & find out...

Now meet Taylor Mason. I'd love to see him in person!
What a night that would be!

The Role of the Blessed Virgin in our Lives

I received this information from 'Message of Merciful Love to Little Souls', a daily dialogue between a woman in Belgium and Jesus from 1965 - 1975.

(Imprimateur: Thomas Holland, Bishop of Salford, 14 May 1979; Cardinal Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay, 13 March 1978).


Yes, Mary,

  • Pure Jewel of My Heaven
  • Mediatrix between Myself and men
  • Channel by which My graces flow to the children of the earth.
  • Mary, Shining Star, reigning over all the souls in Heaven and on earth

Do not disregard her power, for it is immense. It is through her that the spirit of evil will be vanquished. Judge, therefore, of the importance of prayer to Mary. Men's actions gain in value when they are done with her and through her. My heart is thrilled with joy when, with her maternal hands, she offers Me your gifts. If you know the heart of your gentle Mother better, you would be more appreciative of the gift of My love. Lover her, give yourself to her.

It is much more pleasing to Me to receive you from her hands. Can you conceive that I could reject you if she asks help and assistance for you? How sad for Me to see My Immaculate Mother so neglected, even in your churches. Render her the veneration due to her. She is My Mother and yours. Bond of union between us. I will be favorable to those who bear her true love, she who never ceases to pray for you.

She is the pillar of My Church. Nothing escapes her watchful gaze. She is terrible to the enemy. Trust yourselves to Mary. She will bring Me your sorrows, your cares, your joys. Have confidence in her. Lover her with the same love you have for Me. I shall not be jealous. And I gave her the care of leading you to her.

The bringing together of the peoples is desireable in so far as it does not injure the fundamental Truths of the Church. I will not suppress an iota of the devotion due to My holy Mother, evin if that should cause the suggested plan to fail. It is particularly painful for Me to note, in certain of My children, a want of love towards Mary. Know that he who loves Mary, loves Me too. Was I not formed in and nourished by this virginal flesh? Was it not in echo to her heart-beats that My Heart began to beat for you, My children? It is her 'fiat' that permitted the Redemption. It is she who was the first to love Me. Nothing is more pleasing to Me than the veneration of her maternal heart by your hearts. It is her herat which gave life to My humanity.

Be consoled my child, warm your heart at the flame of My Sacred Heart. Your knowledge of evil is limited. But as for Me, all the moral and physical distress which overwhelms humanity is revealed to Me. It is difficult to make myself loved. My Holy Mother stands between mankind and Me. Love her and pray to her with all our soul, for she is your Mother and she loves you with a love pediliction. Always remember it is she who put Me in your arms and gave you to Me.

(For more information regarding this book, write to: Pope Publications, PO Box 6161, San Rafael, CA 94903)

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary,
that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection,
implored your help, or sought your intercession, was left unaided.
Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of Virgins, my Mother;
to you I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful;
O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions,
but in your mercy hear and answer me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

You're A Good Person

Here's an article (You're A Good Person) by Lorraine V. Murray about Confession that was posted in The Georgia Bulletin (Official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Atlanta).

Going to confession regularly—and by this I mean about every three or four weeks—helps me better understand who that person in the mirror really is. In fact, she is not such a good person, really. She can be incredibly vain, envious, angry, worried and selfish.

If I only go once or twice a year, I tend to forget many of my sins. If I yelled at someone in May, what are the chances I will remember that in December? Some people apparently believe confession is only for mortal sins. They figure if they are only committing the smaller transgressions, there is no reason to go. Problem is, overlooking a pile of little sins can pave the way to commit the big ones.

Satan does not want us to go to Confession. He wants us to think we are so good that we do not need to go. However, from personal experience, the more I visit the confessional and accuse myself of my sins, the more I realize how much I really need God in my life and how great His mercy is.

It's interesting - people think that just because I am going into the Convent (Trinitarians, hopefully soon) that I am this great holy person. I try and I fail. There are so many times that I cry during my examination of conscience because I know I do not deserve God's mercy. Yet He gives it to me freely.

Yes, there are times when I have to force myself to go through that doorway. But my love for God is greater than my fear and love of self. It has only been through God's grace that I am here today. He gave me His life freely, I am giving mine back to Him.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Children and Teens Abandoned by their Parents

LINCOLN, Neb. – The mother was running out of more than patience when she abandoned her 18-year-old daughter at a hospital over the weekend under Nebraska's safe-haven law. She was also running out of time: She knew that state lawmakers would soon meet in a special session to amend the ill-fated law so that it would apply to newborns only.

"Where am I going to get help if they change the law?" said the mother, who lives in Lincoln and asked to not be identified by name to protect her adopted child.

To the state's surprise and embarrassment, more than half of the 33 children legally abandoned under the safe-haven law since it took effect in mid-July have been teenagers.

WHAT is wrong with society? What is wrong with these parents?
When they abandon their teenage children, they are ultimately telling their children that they don't care; that no one cares. The teenage years are challenging and confusing enough as it is - multitudes of feelings, peer pressure, not fitting 'in', questioning 'who am I?', and feelings of aloneness; then to find out that not even your parents care about you!

My heart goes out to these children and parents. Yes, the kids have probably strung their parents up by their last nerve (tell me a teenager who hasn't at one point or another). Yes, they are probably unruly (again - teenagers - if they are unruly on the outside, just think about what's going on in their heads!). Yes, they probably talk back to their parents and others. Can you imagine the scars that are left behind because of this? At times teenagers feel that 'no one cares' - but not only to get that from your own parent - but for that parent to prove that it was true. How sad.

The parents need to be there for their good times and in all times. There is no 'magic wand' that states which child will be the best behaved, the best educated, the best all-around child. Life is tough enough as it is - especially these days. Granted we may have many 'modern conveniences' but what we have in conveniences, we lack in good morals. WE, as neighbors, as friends, as the Body of Christ, need to be there for both these children and their parents...through prayer, a simple sacrifice, an ear.

These children and their parents need help. They need our support. They need our prayers!

Photo by Roar Christiansen - CARF

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Evolution of a Wedding Dance

If I were ever to get married, this would be the wedding dance I would want at my reception.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Disturbing Thoughts

It's 2:30 - I had to get up in just over an hour anyway ... I can't sleep. I have been tossing and turning since 2:00. Turning over, I grabbed my Rosary on the side of my bed and prayed. Medjugorje messages, Father Corapi's message (There is still a God in Heaven!), conversations ... all going through my mind.

After 20 minutes of praying the Rosary and various other prayers, I decided I might as well get up, get dressed and be ready for an early day at work. Thoughts of the new government have been invading my mind. I clicked on the web and the first news story I read disturbs me. 'Obama to Use Executive Orders for Immediate Impact.' What are some of these executive orders? Here are some of my predictions:

Abortion - under this new regime, I predict forced abortions and where a child of 9 years old can get an abortion without parental consent, yet this same child, can not get aspirin at school unless she has parent's and doctor's consent. This child can have a major surgical procedure yet can not have an aspirin for a headache. Forced abortions - scary thought - but I see it coming.

Euthenasia - I am predicting anyone with a serious illness, anyone in a nursing home, anyone in a health care facility will be immediately killed. They will be too much of a burden on the rest of society and to ease that burden, murdered.

Stem Cell Research - I am predicting that many of these aborted children will be used for "scientific research." As if abortion is not enough, using those aborted children to create hybrid beings and extra limbs all in the name of 'research.'

Armed Forces - I predict Obama will bring the troops out of Iraq, Afghanastan, and other countries by September 2009. We have a purpose in Iraq and we should not bring them home too soon. We are training their troops so they can continue this new form of government. If we bring them home too soon, they will revert back to their old ways - not because they want to - because they don't know anything else. These people we are training have never had to think for themselves, they have always followed orders, becoming 'yes' men. We are trying to train them to think for themselves, to question, but it is going to take time.

To be quite honest, I am not looking forward to this month's Medjugorje message (November 25th). I am frequently haunted with a vision of Mary looking at the world with tears in her eyes, tears for her children. I am scared for this country (and world), we have made a mess of everything and I pray my predictions do not come to fruition. I pray that we will have the sense to turn our ways and our eyes back to God, soon.

God in His infinite wisdom has a plan. I pray I am part of His plan. Maybe this is why I needed to be consecrated into Mary's Army (Militia Immaculata) - to fight for the Truth. I am not sure. Until the day when I see God face to face, I will continue to pray.