Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Blanketed with snowfall of a new day
on my knees, my arms outstretched
as dew on a new leaf, eyes watered from sorrow

I tried it on my own, tried it by myself
failing and falling
my head bows in despair

Hands outstretched save me
His eyes know my pain
Gentle touch wiping the tears, lifting me

I am not to do it alone
He is always beside me
His love for me greater
He is waiting ... yearning for me ... loving me
asking me to surrender.


Carol said...


Anonymous said...

Hello! We just found your blog just before you found your way back to writing again! I am recent convert to the Catholic faith (grew up Lutheran). I learn so much back reading your blog! I was hoping to send this you via email or comment box, but I couldn't find either on your blog. I wanted to share a resource for Catholic gifts with you that maybe you could share on the blog? It is BlessedSources.org I used this coupon for 20% off good for July: http://www.retailmenot.com/view/blessedsources.org

Thank you and keep up the good work!

God Bless,
John and Jinny

K. said...

John & Jinny - thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, I cannot in good conscience promote the website. I am a little skeptical. First, Taize prayer has not been fully sanctioned by the Vatican. There are numerous responses for either side, which tells me that a definite decision has not been made on this type of prayer. Personally, I have always been fond of Gregorian Chant (approved by the Vatican). I am also questioning some other things they had on their website.

If you would like another website that is used often for Catholics, please visit www.spiritdaily.com. There is a wealth of knowledge about the faith and many links to approved Catholic sites.

Unknown said...

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