Monday, May 12, 2008

Graduating Gradually

My sister graduated with her MBA yesterday - on Pentecost Sunday, which was also Mother's Day! What a great day to graduate! Stepping out of one part of life into the next with the love of Mothers everywhere and the love of God through the Holy Spirit. Sometimes frightening yet always transforming.

Going through life is like taking baby steps. We first must learn to rollover & sit up before we can learn to balance ourselves in order to stand. We crawl, stand, and bounce, strengthening our legs, before we can walk. We practice walking before we can learn to run. Life comes to us in stages...we master each stage before we can graduate into the next.

It is the same with God. God is gradually revealed to us through stages. It is through these stages that we are transformed into the person God wants us to be. We first have to understand that there is a loving God before we can learn to know Him. We learn to trust God with the little things in our lives slowly moving toward a complete and total giving of ourselves. Each step of faith advancing us closer to God's revelation for us.

It is the same through Scripture. In the Old Testement we learn about God, the Father, but Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are concealed. It is only through the working of the Holy Spirit that Jesus is revealed to us in the New Testement. The Holy Spirit is then fully revealed at Pentecost, when "Christ's Passover is fulfilled in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, manifested, given, and communicated as a divine person: of His fullness, Christ, the Lord, pours out the Spirit in abundance." (CCC 731).

Even though the Holy Spirit is the last person of the Most Holy Trinity to be revealed, He has been a part of God's loving plan of salvation for us. God is a mystery - not one to be solved, but one to be gradually revealed...step by step.

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