Friday, May 9, 2008

In God We Trust

Once when I was going through a rough time, I was sharing the events with my mom. She imparted a bit of wisdom...

"Whenever you find a coin on the ground, for instance a penny, what does it say?" she asked.

With a questioning look, then a grin & a wink, I responded, "A penny doesn't "say" anything. Why?"

Rolling her eyes, shaking her head, & laughing, she responded, "No, what is written on it?"

I tried to remember. I use coins all the time: vending machines at work, parking meters, exact change for my double mocha turtle latte, but I can't say I really read what was written on the coins.

A penny... a penny.... "one cent," I responded.
Yes, what else?
uhmmm... United States of America
What else?
Actually, it's Lincoln. But, what else?
The year??

"In God We Trust," she replied. She said that whenever she finds a coin on the ground, she picks it up and reads, "In God We Trust."

What great advice!! We need to trust God with everything in and about our lives. This is not just my life... it is God's life in which I am being entrusted to live. Why then should I not trust God with all the details?

I say that I trust in God, but do I really mean it? Do I trust God with every aspect of my life, the good, the bad, and the 'ugly' (and yes, there have been some very ugly moments!). Do I trust God fully or do I hand it over yet keeping my hand on one edge, ready to pull back when times get really tough or I get anxious?

I can't say it's easy. It's been quite a challenge, sometimes every step of the way. Yet, now, whenever I find a coin, I read the words, "In God We Trust," put it in my pocket, & every time I feel it - I remember, "In God We Trust."

My mom and I have taken this a step further. We often pray when we are walking or doing chores. If we find a coin and we are praying for someone at that moment, we will save the coin & give it to the person for whom we were praying. We will also let them know that it was a sign from God at that trust Him always.

So remember, find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck...for God is with you always!

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