Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thank goodness for family!

There are few things that I splurge on myself. One is good tennis shoes. They must have a high arch, leather, and be made by a reputable company. Levi Jeans - 550 - the others just are not as compfortable nor last as long. Another is Caribou Coffee's double mocha turtle latte. And lastly, although somewhat embarrassing, is VS underwear. It's the comfort - it's all about the comfort! Of course, I don't buy the plain colors - I have to get the funky designs and neon/bright colors.

When I made my decision to join a Convent, and then God led me to Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity, I started laughing because their habits are all white. Somehow, the leopard print or 'Love' showing through the habit does not seem most holy nor the impression I really want to make.

However, my sister, being the wonderful instigator that I taught her to be (being the oldest, I had to teach my wisdom to my younger brothers and sister. I taught her well.) She said all I needed was to add "I [heart] God" to the backside. We laughed, then I dismissed the thought.

Little did I realize, she was serious! For my birthday, not only did she buy me some of my favorite undies, she also ADDED the spiritual saying, with puffy paint, no less!

Family! What to do with them?? LOL At least I know I'll have about 2 years to proudly wear them!