Saturday, August 16, 2008

Movin' On Up, to the East Side...

The news is finally out!

Wednesday, my department had a surprise breakfast for my birthday. On Thursday, my actual birthday, I had an important meeting scheduled in the afternoon so I blocked out the entire day, which they thought I was not going to be in the office.

The table was decked out with a birthday tablecloth, balloons, and lots of food (muffins, donut holes, bagels, juice, cupcakes). What a great surprise! And yes, cubicle volleyball was played during the day. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy gold coins (chocolates) so we could have an 'olympic cubcile volleyball game.'

So as we were all sitting there, all 10 of us, I had the nudge from the Holy Spirit to tell my story. I had talked with my director on Monday that after my come-and-see week in September, I would tell the rest of the department. The Holy Spirit said now.

An amazing thing happened! They were ALL very supportive! I could not have asked for a better reaction from my colleagues...what a blessing! Although one of the staff nudged another and said, 'I think this means we have to be NICE to her.' lol

So now, I'm waiting to see how fast the news gets through the rest of the company. I'm sure the rumor mill will be in full swing...but so far I have heard nothing. Somewhat thankful, yet somewhat fearful....fearful for what MAY be coming. Then again, it's in God's hands.


Adoro te Devote said...

My dear, I don't think you need to worry about the rumor mill. My guess is that no one was surprised! lol. :-)

Lillian Marie said...

I think you're right! So far, no one is really 'surprised' by my decision (even neighbors!). But so far, the news has only been in our department - it has not filtered (yet) to the rest of the company. However, there's always that one person, that you knew if you talked with them, it would spread like wildfire! lol

It's just a matter of time before that person finds out - especially since our department is like 'consultants' for the rest of the company.