Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Confessional Humor

Part of the reason why I love the Sacrament of Confession so much is because of what I have learned. I have made so many errors making my confessions. Looking back upon the myriads of mistakes, I'm sure when I walked into the confessional, my regular confessors were shaking their heads & thinking, 'oh no, not her again.' LOL
(they probably still are)

Remember...I'm a cradle Catholic! It took me 30+ some years to finally figure out WHAT I'm supposed to do & say.

Here's a for instance...

When I first started going to confession regularly, I would try to memorize my sins. By the time I got into the confessional and in front of the Priest, I would be so nervous that I would forget everything. Yes, I mean everything; sins, Sign of the Cross, even the Act of Contrition. So I started making 'laundry lists' and taking the Act of Contrition, written on a piece of paper, with me into the confessional.

However, I never really studied HOW I was supposed to go to confession, the process, and made more blunders.

I would rattle off my laundry list of sins as fast as I could, hoping that the Priest would not hear everything. Once done, I would fold up my list, put my hands in my lap, and look at the Priest.

I wondered why the Priest always asked me, 'Is that all?'
Thinking...What? Isn't this enough? You want more? You want my blood, too?
(although never stated aloud).

With a little trepidation, I politely answered 'yeah.'

It took me quite a few months and a lot of reading about the Sacrament before I figured out that I am supposed to let the Priest know I'm done by saying something like 'for these and all my sins I am truly sorry.' Guess the hand signals and eye contact were not enough, eh?

So if you go into the confessional and make mistakes, don't worry ... I've already made them all and I still love this Sacrament! Go ahead ... make a list of sins and bring in a prayer card with the Act of Contrition. I did, and still do; it really helps.

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