Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog-o-Sphere 'Come-and-See' Weekend

I should be used to 'Come-and-See' weekends by now, especially since I will be joining the Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity in May 2009. However, nothing prepared me for the comeraderie, friendship, and laughter of this weekend.

Fr. V, of
Adam's Ale fame, set up a get-together (basically a 'come-and-see' weekend) for some of the bloggers to all see the Vatican Splendors exhibit in Cleveland. Included in this amalgamated group was Adoro, Uncle Jim, Fr. S., MJ, and CK, as well as others around the area. Some of the moments I will cherish:

  • Beaker's version of the Tarantella (as well as other Muppets, including Animal)
  • Hawaii is a U.S. State SW of California (although surrounded by water)
  • Give one for the Gipper (who was an actual person)
  • Bocce Ball
  • Sharing stories with Uncle Jim & Aunt Rozann
  • Walking on top of the Church (others went into the Bell Tower) (I am afraid of heights, but I can skydive...go figure!)
  • Tour of the Shrine where I met CK, Adoro, and Fr. S. for the first time (luckily I knew Fr. V.)
  • Mass with everyone, celebrated by Fr. V. and then Fr. S.
  • Knowing my nephew thought Fr. V. and Fr. S. were 'cool' and 'normal'
  • Thinking to myself how lucky I am to have such great friends!

But most of all, the memories of friendship, laughter, and love for our Lord will always be in the forefront. Thank you all! I will miss the freedom to blog or hop in the car to meet you (my blogging days are limited). Just know, lots of prayers will be coming your way!


Father Schnippel said...

I am so glad I'm normal, 'afterall I've worked hard to become so!'

Anonymous said...

Well, no matter how much one loves Beaker and Animal, throwing "Tarantella" in there is the stuff of which leaving the lights on tonight is made.

At a parish picnic once, I said to a woman whose husband was about to play bocce, "Wow, I didn't know Dave was physical.." She laughed her head off, and I didn't know why; it was to be the first time I'd see bocce played, and didn't just then that it never really becomes more physical than rolling a ball.. oh, duh..

:-) Sounds like it was wonderful, and that you'll all have excellent memories of it forever.