Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vision of Faith

'This picture is the mural in the dining room of Holy Trinity Monastery in Baltimore, Maryland. It represents what the eye of faith sees when people gather to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Christ is the victim offered to the Triune God on the altar that joins heaven to earth. Mary is present as she was on Calvary. The light of grace emanates from the Spirit to enliven the faithful and all creation. The saints and souls of the faithful departed are under God’s mantle and in His embrace.'

Every time I look at this picture, I see more detail. It reminds me of how closely we are all linked, not only here on earth, but also the souls in purgatory, heaven, and yes, even in hell. And just imagine all of the angels praising God around the altar as well. To know that we have this at EVERY Mass still astounds me. I am unable to fathom the immense love that God brings to us and yearns for us to feel and hold in our hearts. I get little snippits of this love in odd moments - a butterfly, a little child, the sky during a storm, the sunset, a smile, and laughter.

I have come to cherish these moments because they have helped me during the rough times, times of trial and tribulation. This weekend was one such lasting moment - one that I will cherish close to my heart forever. On Friday night before dinner, Fr. V. said the blessing and asked that the Holy Spirit come upon all of us and our conversation. Yes, He came. He was definitely there with all of us, in all of us. Even Mass on Saturday night and Sunday morning meant so much more. Even though we all went our separate ways, back to our daily lives, in Mass, we are still all united.

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