Sunday, December 7, 2008

Changed by the Eucharist

I recently had a learning experience about the Most Holy Eucharist.

At Mass & Adoration, I understand (granted I may understand although I do not fully comprehend) that Jesus is present, really and fully, although it's so magnanimous that it is difficult to comprehend it all. Yet, it's still Jesus & me...separated. I'm in the pew or the chair/kneeler and Jesus is present in the Eucharist on the Altar on in the the same room but independent of each other. (photograph by Mike Hoyt) I would allow Jesus, even invite Him, pleading with Him, to enter into my heart. I thought this was all there was ... Jesus knocks on my heart, I open the door & ask Him to enter.

That is until I attended a session about the Eucharist after Saturday Mass a couple weeks ago.

The Gospel reading was about the Parable of the dishonest judge (Luke 18:1-8). The Pastor remarked that the widow refused to enter into the judge's world. Instead, she pleaded with him every day until he was so exasperated with her nagging that he decided to render her a just decision - just to get her off his back. In effect, she pulled him into her world.

Is it not the same with Jesus and us at Mass & Adoration? He wants us to join Him in His world - not ours. He wants us to experience Him in His Heavenly world, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, all the Saints and Angels.

Jesus IS the Head of the ecclesial Body. He asks us to partake in His divinity through this Body ... and through Him.

I have heard many Priests & other religious teachers explain how Jesus is not alone in the Eucharist. He is the second person of the Most Holy Trinity and cannot be separated from the Father nor the Holy Spirit. He is also present in 'real' time not at one moment in time. He is, at this moment, in Heaven, with the Father, the Holy Spirit, Mary, all the Saints and Angels...and He is inviting us into this Heavenly mixture - to experience the Heavenly bliss through Him, with Him, and in Him.

I understand yet I can not fathom the greatness of this experience. What joy to be drawn into Him and His world ... the fullness of joy I can only imagine.

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