Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The $600 Billion Human

I recently read an article about 'Chimeras'. These are the beings that "scientists" are creating that are part human & part animal. The Bishops in the U.K. are stating that these beings have a right to live. Read the article.

After doing additional reading/research, these "scientists" are extracting some DNA and replacing it with animal DNA. For instance (and this is only a 'for instance' - no medical or scientific backing what-so-ever), extracting the DNA that makes us run with that of a cheetah so we can run faster & stronger.

(picture from BBCNews)


Usain Bolt, from Jamaica, is considered the fastest man in the world - running 100 meters in 9.72 seconds! What, this isn't good enough? By the time the race started & he finished, I would have made 2 steps toward the finish line (there are times when I can barely get one foot in front of the other).

(picture from www.radiojamaica.com)

Sorry, sidetracked...back to the Bishops

Yes! If these cells start reproducing, they have a right to live - by God's moral standards. We already know that IVF and most of the bio-cell research is morally wrong, and the scientists will have to go before our Maker on judgement day. In the meantime, we, as moral human beings, must live by God's moral standards. And yes, if any of these experimental cells start dividing & redividing, we must give it a chance to live. It is only God who can decide when we are to die...not us.

The $600 Billion Human

I used to love to watch the $6 Million Man, Steve Austin and his sidekick, Dr. Oscar Goldman. As kids, we used to move slowly while muttering the infamous 'dididididididididididi' so it sounded like we were Steve Austin (or Jaimee Sommers - the Bionic Woman). And the theme of the show ... 'Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, Stronger, Faster.'

When is enough enough? When will we stop trying to make us better. (God made us - we are pretty darn good!) But ... better than what? We are not meant to have the talons of an Hawk, the beak of a Flamingo, or the running capacity of a Cheetah. Why try to downgrade us into animals? Humans are the most intelligent creatures on the face of the earth (of course, this is also questionable with all of this 'scientific research' going on). God made us with a very sofisticated mental ability - to be able to choose between good & evil...to be able to choose between right and wrong ... to be able to love, freely. We are meant to be superior over all of the animals ... so why are we trying to be like the animals? Why are we downgrading ourselves to be less than what we are?
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When will we finally be satisfied for being God's children? When will we stop trying to be or play god? Yes, we can clone beings - for certain there are animal clones, I shudder to think scientists have created a human clone (although not entirely out of the question) - we may be able to create a clone from cells, but we can not create the living cells.

This is my rant & rave. You may agree - you may disagree - that is totally up to you. For me, I am saddened by the fact that our scientists are focusing on making us less than what God made us to be, rather than focusing on the things that really count.

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Adoro said...

You're completely right.

God made us in a certain way; we cannot "perfect" our being by imitating animals. We have intellect and will; we are rational beings.

Dogs and cheetahs, monkeys...none of them have to work on being what they are. Even those animals that have a certain ability to learn to do things (ie chimps) do not have the dignity of a human being. They are not directed to union with God, as are human beings. They cannot sin, they cannot overcome sin, they don't have the intellect and will that directs them towards both their beginnings and their ends.

But that's the problem with atheistic science; they measure by the lowest standard. And as St. Thomas Aquinas observed, if we do not measure by the highest, we will imitate the lowest.

And so atrocities occur.