Monday, December 15, 2008


It's difficult to put into words all of the angst, pressures, temptations, fears, and
excitedness that I am feeling at this moment.

Yesterday it finally hit ... as I am sure it will many more times between now and February.
Yes, February!

You got it! Sometime in February I will be moving.
I'm not exactly sure when, but it seems like time has sped.

Tick - Tick - Tick

Yesterday at Mass, someone asked me how much longer. Without
thinking, I remarked, '2 months'.
2 Months!!! Oh no!!!
Wide-eyed, I looked at my parents, who attended Mass with me, and I must have
had a look of fear or trepidation on my face because my mom
started laughing. Of course, she's feeling the same.

Tick - Tick - Tick

I went to Confession this past Friday and the Priest made a
remark that really hit me - I am being tempted and succoming
to those temptations.

Okay, Priests & Religious everywhere... Help!
How do I combat these temptations? The fears, anxieties of leaving
'home', leaving the 'comforts' of 'home', leaving my parents & family
behind, managing to remain sane as I walk (actually I feel like I am running)
toward God and His plan for me? How did you do it?

Tick - Tick - Tick

2 Months!
And before I know it ... 1 Month! YIKES!

It was so nice to be able to say 'in a year & a half' or 'in 6 months'
because it was always far ahead in the future...
but as the clock keeps ticking, so does the time ... away.
And before I know it -

Tick - Tick - Tick

2 Months!



Adoro said...

Wait a minute! You have an entrance date? Last I heard was March..maybe...but then maybe not.

Don't worry. Enjoy your family, keep your eyes on Jesus.

And dang it girl, keep us updated! (I was hoping to come to Ohio before you enter but Feb. might be impossible. :-( )

Lillian Marie said...

No entrance date yet - and THAT's driving me CRAZY!!! However, the Vocations Director keeps saying sometime in February ... but even she's unsure!

Believe me, after my family, the 'bloggers' will be the first to know!!! LOL

And if I have to, I'll drive up there myself & grab you & bring you back! LOL

Carol said...

This made me think of the Song of Songs. I looked through it all for the part I thought the Bridegroom would want passed along to you. It is this:

"Let us go early to the vineyards, and see
if the vines are in bloom,
If the buds have opened,
if the pomegranates have blossomed;
There will I give you my love."

LM.. He's waiting.. Run!