Sunday, September 28, 2008

Holy Card Meme

Adoro tagged me with a Holy Card Meme.

The initial premise:
* What picture do you think would be on your Holy Card if you were to be canonized.

* Of what would you be the Patron Saint?

Very thought-provoking questions. I know we are all called to be saints, but to actually think of myself as such seems inconceivable.

First - of what would I be the patron saint?

As I have returned to the Faith, I have grown to love the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. Since then, it seems that God has placed me in areas where people need to hear about this Sacrament as well as why they need to return to the Church. I was also to give a talk on Confession, which fell through, but in doing the research, I discovered so much consolation and joy when I receive this Sacrament.

Also, I feel many of these people are taking 'Pit Stops' or breathers as they go forward in God's plan. These pit stops have led them to others to help them, or maybe, they were led to assist others in their spiritual journey. Being a patron saint of 'pit stops' would be very interesting and fun.

Another gift is my love for children...and my ability to relate and help parents. Being a parent is one of the most difficult vocations. Adding upon that the need to work outside the home, entrusting children to complete strangers. Therefore I would be a patron saint for childcare teachers/workers and people returning to the faith/those in 'Pit Stops' in their Faith.

Second - picture(s) on my Holy Card:

Returning to the Faith

Patron Saint of Pit Stops

This second picture is created by Greg Olsen. It's called Do Not Be Afraid. For being the patron saint of Child Care Workers.

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