Thursday, September 18, 2008


I made a huge mistake on Monday night - had to go to confession before I could receive the Eucharist so I didn't go to Mass at all on Tuesday or Wednesday because I couldn't get to confession before Mass (Miss a day, Miss a lot!).

Monday, I got on the train heading back to Green Road, took out my Liturgy of the Hours book and started reading (yes, reading, NOT praying!). I was too embarrassed to do the sign of the cross on the train in front of people! The train was not even crowded! I had a seat all to myself! WHAT was I embarrassed about???? If this was God testing me to see if I would show my faith in public, I miserably failed!

Immediately after I realized what I did (actually didn't do), the scripture about how if we deny God to men on earth, Jesus will deny us before His Heavenly Father. Ouch!

To make matters more poignant, yesterday's evening Reading in the LOH (which I read at Adoration last night) was all about this!

So I went to Confession this morning - This is the one time I was really glad to get 3 Our Fathers for a Penance!

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